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List of Pacifica Updates

++  added updates
=   removed

Show/hide 2010

Introduced Pacifica Online

++ Beta Release

Introduced New Map:Wilderness

++ Added Map: Wilderness

++ Improved Gameplay: Improved Hp potion, Wilderness Mobs

Introduced New Map: Grassland

Introduced 2nd Job Classes

++ New Site: Pacifica Rankings

++ Rebalanced Skills and Stats

Introduced Mushroom Field (not yet done? or Cancelled?)

++ Added Grassland

++ Added New NPC: Lady Vega

++ Added New Map: Dark Wilderness

++ Rebalanced Attribute System

++ Rebalanced Skills

++ Rebalanced Waif class dodge and attack speed

Introduced new map: Valzeon Passage

++ Added New System: Daemons

Introduced New Map: Keazara's Castle

++ Added Christmas Items

++ Added New System: Storage

++ Increase Leveling System

++ Added Party System

++ Added new Party conditions on Deacon class

++ Added Christmas/New Year Headgear and Daemons(Event Items)

++ Added Snow effects in town(Christmas)

= Removed Snow effects

++ Added Captcha

++ Added Trade Security (Typing Item names)

Show/hide 2011

++ Changed new game interface (this is the current interface/black)

++ added a site (Removed)

++ Added 2nd jobs

Introduced new character Sprites

Introduced battle cleric

Introduced new Class: Unnamed (Encrypter)

++ Rebalanced stats and skills

++ Added Wild Grassland

= Removed Wild Grassland

++ Added Valzeon Passage

Introduced new map: Meadows

++ Added new map: Nurua Forest(This is actually the Meadows map)

Introduced New Age Rebalance(not yet done), 3rd job(not yet done), Guild, Zegea Infinitum

++ Added map: Zegea

++ Added map: Zegea Vulcan

++ Added more Story Quests

Introduced 2 new maps: Unnamed=85+ , Pacifica Ruins=95+(both, not yet done. I dont know if 85+ is Zegea Vulcan)

++ Added new town: Nurua Village

Introduced Nurua NPC and Houses(not yet done)

++ Added guild

++ Added Vigilante Mode

++ Rebalanced Ranger Skill(?Arrow Thrust? to Arrow Stun)

++ Field environment became 3d (by popular demand!)

++ Grassland environment became 3d

= Restored 2d environment (by popular complaints about LAG! lol)

Show/hide 2012

++ Added Ninong/Ninang/Inaanak system

= Removed Ninong/Ninang/Inaanak system

= Removed Trading System!!!

= Removed Background Music!!!

++ Added Nexus Hour (buyable through FB credits)

++ Added Nexus Gem (buyable through FB credits)

++ Added Hide Vigilant Name

++ Restored Background Music

++ Added Nexus Token, Item preview changed

++ Added new log-in screen(Character classes)

++ Added New Items available for Nexus Tokens

++ Added christmas log-in screen

++ Added Christmas Items

Show/hide 2013

++ Added new items available for Nexus Tokens

++ Added new more items available for Nexus Tokens

++ Added Valentines items available for Nexus Tokens(Some are available in Peso)

++ Added Valentines log-in screen

++ Restored log-in screen(Character classes)

++ Added 4th evolution on Daemon

++ Added Summer Items

++ Changed log-in screen(3rd year anniversary)

++ Added new items(3rd Annivesary Ring,P-A-C-I-F-I-C-A hats)

++ Changed log-in screen(3rd year anniversary)

++ Changed log-in screen(Christmas 2013)

Show/hide 2014

++ Changed log-in screen

++ Five/no level down on second class change restored

++ Added Nexus Shadow(beta)

++ Added Nexus Shadow tab

++ Changed Field music background

++ Added Nexus Shadow Exp Sharing

++ Added View Name Option

++ Introduced Nurua Skyland

++ Added new more updates(Stats Window, Mob data, changed Option)

++ Added Map option and minor interface change

++ Added new Character icon

++ Added: You can now teleport on selected locations using 'warp orb'

  • Old Rebalance Notes from Pacifica
Show/hide Feb 23,2011

Rebalance round-up for this week: Knight - 19 Skills (3 Passive, 7 Offensive, 5 Buffs, 4 Special) Bandit - 20 Skills (4 Passive, 3 Offensive, 5 Buffs, 6 Tactical, 2 Special) Ranger - 22 Skills (4 Passive, 5 Offensive, 3 Buffs, 7 Tactical, 1 Magic) Cleric - 21 Skills (1 Passive, 4 Heal, 8 Buffs, 1 Self-buff, 5 Supportive, 2 Magic)

The new rebalance is going to put weigh more on "how" you will play your character, use your skills and decide for what you are going to do.

With the old balance, we are more dependent on our character class and having the "we-say" right build of attribute and skills.

Pacifica Online is going to be more exciting than the way-old point-and-click game play we knew as of the current.

Let us have more testing hours for this rebalance to be the one of revolutionary update in history of Pacifica Online MMORPG.

We would like to hear your expectations to what Pacifica Online will be on the latest rebalance and how would the update will differ from what Pacifica is before.

Show/hide July 23,2011

Here's the list of what was changed and updated so far. There are no tentative release date yet so please stay tuned for more news updates!

This is the 2nd Major Rebalance and Game Mechanics Update in Pacifica Online MMORPG.

We keep doing our best to make the game more fun to play with! Thank you for all your support!

New EXP system features

Smart "Effort"-based experience pointing

Fair exp/hour for any class of any build

  • Clerics can now train at non-undead maps and level-up same with others
  • No more level-type builds, build your attributes and skills with Freedom
  • No more characters left behind in terms of character leveling

No more map level requirement locking

  • New formula computation to ensure no "unfair" leveling
  • Freedom to adventure across different maps
  • Challenge yourself, enter at your own risk

No more level party gap

  • More enjoyable party system, any level can party!
  • Level 80 can party with level 0 and still share EXP
  • Expoit-proof sharing system to prevent unfair boosting

NEW Force and Combo system

  • Make subsequent skill more powerful, earn Force during normal attacks and skills
  • Each duel feels unique because each timing and technique changes the whole battle result
  • More challenging and tactical fights using "Force"
  • Build your own combo sequence anyway you want

Attribute system


  • Strength - increases physical attack (including bows)
  • Speed - increases hits per minute
  • Main feature - increases your overall physical offensive capability


  • Defense - increase physical defense, 50% effective magical defense
  • Dodge - increase physical dodge, 50% effective magical dodge (magic can also miss)
  • Special feature - Counter-attack, Ultima guard


  • Wisdom/Tactic - counter-defense, increase magical attack
  • Dexterity - counter-dodge, aiming capability for bows, increase magic casting speed
  • Special feature - Critical-hit, Super


  • Intelligence/Mastery - increases skill points
  • Fortitude - increases mana regeneration per minute
  • Special feature - Aura charge

Deacon updates

Two modes of normal attack - Magical (using magic staffs) and Physical (using staffs)

Magical normal attack (Support-type)

  • The deacon class is not limited to Spirit Break anymore, now they got a 3-cell ranged magical normal attack, no mana cost!
  • They can now take advantage of their "Wisdom" because this is a magical attack
  • This magical normal attack speed relies on "Dexterity" not "Speed"
  • Their weapons will have "Magic Attack" instead of "Attack"

Physical normal attack (Battle-type)

  • Relies on your "Strength" and "Speed" attribute
  • Rebalanced weapons so that they can build battle deacon and still have fair capabilities like other classes
  • This is a preparation for the upcoming battle version of Cleric

Tentative list of skills (skill names are temporary)

  • Passives - Fortitude, Wisdom, Strength
  • Actives - Spirit Break, Massive Blow (come-back), Teleport
  • Support - Angel's Touch, Heal
  • Buff - Earth Blessing (STR+DEF), Awaken Haste (SPD+DOD), Intensify Focus (WIS+DEX)
  • Their buffs were merged to make it more useful

Swordsman updates

Improved and rebalanced "Strength" attribute

"Defense" attribute (previously Vitality) formula was entirely changed.

The "no-walk-flinch/stun" or "Helios Guard" effect now works built-in with "Defense" attribute

Tentative list of skills (skill names are temporary)

  • Passives - Defense, Strength, Dexterity
  • Actives - Ablaze, Kenzaragi, Centrifugal Force, Way of the Sword
  • Self-buff - Rage
  • Rage is now a buff that increases your current Force

Waif updates

Improved and rebalanced "Speed" attribute

"Dodge" attribute formula was entirely changed. Dexterity vs Dodge computation is a lot better.

Tentative list of skills (skill names are temporary)

  • Passives - Dodge, Speed, Tactic, Double Edge
  • Actives - Impulse, Steal, Enshroud, Target Vitals
  • Steal is now an attack + steal at the same time. Stab is merged in to this skill.

Archer updates

"Strength" now determines the muscle strength of their arms when drawing an arrow. Their damage depends on this attribute.

"Dexterity" determines their aiming capability whether it will miss or not.

Tentative list of skills (skill names are temporary)

  • Passives - Expand Territory, Strength, Dexterity, Fortitude
  • Actives - Fury, Double Projectile, Arrow Stun, Sharpshoot

Coming up next

  • Second class rebalance
  • Zegea Infinitum (new map 75+)
  • Battle cleric
  • 3rd class
  • New quests
  • Encrypter
  • Guild

We'll anounce the release date later or as soon as we have a sure date.

Beta Reset included upon the release.


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