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How To Form a Guild?

  1. Make a group of 5 players
  2. Guild Master(Emperor) must buy 1 Bloodbond
  3. The other member are called the Order must buy Bloodlust
  4. Go to Heroes Wall in Nurua Village
  5. Form a party(Emperor must be the Party Leader)
  6. Click Blood Compact in Guild Window(Buddies>Guild)

Note:Emperor must be 2nd Class Hero and only him can invite members, Generals must be level 35 and above, no level requirement on others. Max guild member: 25

How To JOIN a Guild?

  1. Go to Joshua(Temple)
  2. Buy Bloodstone
  3. Ask other players that you want to join(they must be the Guild Emperor

Guild Lists

See lists here ->

If you are searching for a specific guild, you can use a shortcut by doing this:

type: ""(no quotes) + guild name


this is not case-sensitve so you can also use this

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