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3rd Anniversary Ring = no stat (hp+30.07%, enables daemon to Attack)

  • October 25-31 2013 only

Special Items

~old items. Only few players have them. Most likely, they can never be found today


  • Exp Boost Potion
    x2 exp for 10 mins
  • Christmas Cookie 
    12.5% defense and +15 flee for 10 minutes
  • Fortune Cookie
    x2 drops for 10 minutes
  • Free Mana Potion - given to player who level-up(Before)
  • Sweet Candy Cane
    -18.75% attack delay and +18.75% heal damage for 10 minutes

  • Reborn Orb
    Resets Attribute and Skills
  • Warp back Orb
    Teleports back to town (theres no Warp to Town function before)


  • Boots (Quest Item)
    life +180 and defense +1.17%

more info here -> Quest Items


  • Stone of Mastery 
    50% more exp from monsters equal or below your level. Has 60 ckakra.

more info here -> Gems

If You know others items, weapons, others just add here... I'll edit it soon. Thanks

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