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Nexus Shadow Offense & Defense

Nexus Shadow allows your characters to support each other during battle.

Let's start by opening Nexus Shadow Panel:


Choose your shadow characters (might depend on your class) 

If you're a Swordsman, Waif or Archer:


If you're a Deacon:


Can't see any character? Just create a new character and it will appear there ^_^ (make sure to log-in those characters to enable their Shadows)

Remember these 3 simple things:


1. Shadow should be active, or else they won't attack or defend. It will attack or defend if it's not 0%(active) It will NOT attack or defend if it's 0% (not active) 

Not active? No problem! Just log-in that character and get some exp (by killing monsters) for few minutes and it will become active

2. One class at a time only. You can't have two Archers (if you're a Deacon). Rangers and Archers are also the same class

3. Shadow character should be a different class. If you're a Swordsman, you can't have a Swordman or a Knight.

Enjoy Nexus Shadow! <(^_^<)

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For a quick start, simply play (kill some monsters) your other character for at least 5 minutes to start experiencing the Nexus Shadow effect

All of your characters are considered team mates, they establish an energy called the Nexus (which means connection

Everytime a team member (or a character) under go training with monsters and gains EXP, their sprit level increases, making them an active team member. Active team members supports which ever character you are using, this process of supporting your character is theNexus Shadow.

There are different available formations depending on the class of your current character:

  • 1 offensive - Waif or Archer
  • 1 defensive - Deacon


  • 1 offensive - Swordsman or Archer
  • 1 defensive - Deacon
  • 1 offensive - Swordsman or Waif
  • 1 defensive - Deacon


  • 2 offensive - Swordsman, Waif or Archer (roaming mode)

In Roaming mode (for deacons), your active team members also supports your party mates.

Shadow Attack - performed by Swordsman, Waif and Archer whenever your character is attacking anything (normal attack only) effectively doubling your damage.

Shadow Heal - performed by Deacon whenever your character receives any kind of damage. This special version of healreverses the most recent damage taken.

Spirit Level determines how active a team member is and also determines until when they are considered active.

Spirit Level of 100% means a team member is fully active which can be acheived by traning 30 minutes (if performed straight with no interruptions)

As time goes by, Spirit Level goes down until it reached 0% and will be considered inactive. It takes 60 hours (almost 3 days) for Spirit Level to go from 100% down to 0%.

Nexus Shadow Exp Sharing

You'll feel like you're leveling multiple characters a lot EASIER and FASTER too!

Let's start by opening Nexus Shadow -> Exp Sharing Panel:


It's very easy to understand, just remember these 3 simple things:

1. At least 3 characters should be in Activate Flow mode for Exp Sharing to work

2. Shared Exp is half of the time you trained. Example: 2 hours -> 1 hour, 1 hour -> 30 mins. If Jeremiah trained (by killing monsters) for 2 hours, Galileo will receive 1 hour of +1X Exp. If Galileo trained (by killing monsters) for 1 hour, Donnie will receive 30 mins of +1X Exp.

3. If you have 2X Exp, 2X + 1X = 3X Exp.

Ito po ang pagkakaintindi ko dito, maaari pong mali ako...


Ang mabibigyan ng Exp ay yung nasa arrow lamang... tignan nyo sa picture.

pag pinalevel nyo si Donnie, si Justine lang ang makakareceive ng Exp. Pwede mo naman pag baliktarin yan.. click mo lang ung char, magiging kulay pula, click mo ulit sa gusto mong palitan. Tandaan dapat nasa 3 o 4 ang active sa flow.

Hindi agad madadagdagan ng exp, Pag si Justine naman pinalevel mo, si Jeremiah ang makakareceive ng Exp... pag ginamit mo si Jeremiah, magkakaroon sya ng bonus times Exp. Parang nexus hour lang

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